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Sardinia Bibliographic Services

Sardinia Bibliographic Services
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Sardegna un anno di feste

Sardinia a year of festivals
Sardegna un anno di feste - Maria Fiori, Giovanni Porcu, Isola Editrice (2011)

Author/s Maria Fiori
Giovanni Porcu
Illustrator/s Giovanni Porcu
Publisher Isola Editrice
Edition Sassari, 2011
Pages 160 (illustrated)
Genre Guides
Format Paper 
Price € 50,00
Release language Italian
Bilingual text on facing pages English

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The work

Sardinia is certainly one of the islands of the Mediterranean Sea with a sea that is desired destination for an increasing stream of tourists: travellers from all over the world move around the famous beaches lapped by an incredibly clear water, in a panorama of natural beauty that still can cliam to be conserved and without equal. Certainly, those visiting the island during summer enjoy the natural sights that Sardinia abundantly offers: crystalline water, pink sand, suggestive caves and picturesque scenarios, unexplored corners, all part of this Sardinian paradize whose memory remains forever. But, those who have the luck to move forward, to get to know a Sardinia that is not just that of the blue summer skies, can travel in world dominated by equally spectacular beauties, discovering the peculiarities of the island with its thousand traditonal folk, sacred and laic events each with its own extraordinary character, such a pure soul that seems to be just a gift by the inhabitants of the island. Therefore, this Sardinia of festivals is a rich and unique heritage of culture and life, a journey "beyond" for anyone willing to live the emotion of an experience able to involve and give what one is looking for when travelling.

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Sardinia Bibliographic Services
  The work