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Sardinia Bibliographic Services

Sardinia Bibliographic Services
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Sardinia Bibliographic Services
The objective of SBS is to use new technologies to collect and collate information with a view to enabling users to search through all of the books being published in Sardinia.
For the first time, there is now a permanent working group that is committed both to ensuring that the catalogue of Sardinian books on sale is kept updated and to promoting book publishing on the island.

The working group is composed of recent graduates and industry professionals. The team will be delighted to receive suggestions and proposals that SBS users feel could be valuable.
For normal readers (i.e. non-professional users), SBS is intended to serve as the first port-of-call for those in search of a modern commercial catalogue that has been compiled in accordance with international standards and is available for consultation in various formats.
For professional users, SBS is intended to offer rapid, efficient services at competitive rates.

The SBS system is a private, independent initiative that complies fully with recognised description methods (ISBD, ISTAT).

SBS is not:
  • an e-commerce site
  • a body offering public-sector services.
We wish all users the best of luck with their searches.

What we offer

The greatest challenge faced by the publishing industry in Sardinia today is how to promote and raise the profile of its products.
For a book to end up being purchased, its existence must be flagged up and it must also, of course, be possible to find.
The services offered by SBS have been designed to bridge the current gap between supply and demand. SBS's services are divided into two categories: those for customers (B2C: business to consumer) and those for businesses (B2B: business to business).

'Reader' users

For 'reader' users, SBS provides three basic services for free:
  1. a constantly updated online catalogue of Sardinian books on sale, which allows targeted searches to be carried out
  2. reviews, news and articles on the publishing world
  3. a list of associated booksellers/newsagents where the books in the archive can be ordered and purchased

On a bimonthly basis, SBS publishes the 'Libri Sardegna' magazine, which is distributed in bookshops and at larger newsstands and contains information on the latest publications, alongside reviews and news relating to the publishing world in Sardinia.
SBS currently publishes the general catalogue of Sardinian books on sale on paper and in electronic format (CD-ROM).

Professional users

For professional users - i.e. those taking out an annual subscription - SBS offers the following services:
  1. access to all of the information in the archive, with the option to conduct advanced searches
  2. access to promotional information for upcoming publications
  3. home delivery of the bimonthly 'Libri Sardegna' magazine
  4. the option to purchase, at a reduced cost, the annual catalogue of Sardinian books on sale (available in paper and CD-ROM formats)
  5. the option to utilise, at a reduced cost, targeted promotional campaigns.
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Sardinia Bibliographic Services