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Sardinia Bibliographic Services

Sardinia Bibliographic Services
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Where to purchase the titles in the SBS
The associated booksellers are the 'custodians' of the SBS system in Sardinia because they represent the crucial link between the customer and the service.

The regional and national book distribution systems are fraught with problems in terms of their functionality and capacity to satisfy the customer; nevertheless, the customer can rest assured that a serious attempt to find the book in question has been made. Both the professionalism of the booksellers and the fact that the outlets are located across the island are crucial in ensuring that published works can be distributed effectively - this is particularly important for small and medium-sized publishers, which actually represent the entire publishing sector in Sardinia.
Enhancing the quality of the service provided and consolidating the entire production/distribution chain are essential aspects of the effort to ensure the survival of an industry that is being put under constant pressure by strong competition. Moreover, the current situation is a great opportunity to make the most of the specific features of cultural production in Sardinia.

How to become an SBS-associated bookseller

To become an SBS-associated bookseller, the following basic criteria must be met:
  • you must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce and the company's official business must include 'the sale of books'
  • you must display a collection (however small) of Sardinian books in your store(s)
  • you must support the promotion of titles published in Sardinia
  • you must be a paid-up SBSpro subscriber
  • your store(s) must provide access to the SBS archive for customers to view on request (under supervision if required) or you must provide access to the annual catalogue of Sardinian books on sale
  • you must have the bimonthly Sardegna Libri magazine on display or for sale
  • you must accept and comply with a rulebook that provides in-depth guidelines on requests from customers 'sent' to the store by the SBS system. It is essential that the SBS-associated bookseller demonstrates that an attempt has been made to fulfil the order, thus confirming the joint commitment made by SBS and the associated booksellers to satisfy the customer. If a store fails on numerous occasions to fulfil its commitments, SBS may unilaterally decide to exclude said store from the group of associated booksellers
  • you must ensure that the SBS-associated bookseller sign is clearly visible.

The associated booksellers are constantly monitored by SBS personnel, who will also take note of comments made by customers and by those involved in the production/distribution chain.

If you are a store owner and you would like your store(s) to become part of the group of SBS-associated booksellers, please click here.

An SBS-associated bookseller


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Sardinia Bibliographic Services