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Sardinia Bibliographic Services

Sardinia Bibliographic Services
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Annual catalogue SBS

The annual catalogue of books on sale in Sardinia

The annual catalogue of books on sale in Sardinia includes, in paper form, the entire SBS archive with listings by title (bibliographic profile), author, publisher and subject.
Alongside the strictly biographical data, the catalogue also includes information on Sardinian publishers and distributors.

The catalogue comes complete with a CD-ROM to allow for computerised searches, including complex queries.
The details in the catalogue are uploaded and monitored by the publishers, either online or through the compilation of separate profiles, in partnership with specialised SBS personnel.
The uploading of new information occurs in real time and, once a year, a general (paper) check is carried out. The catalogue is an indispensable tool for all publishing-industry professionals.

Purchase the annual catalogue of books on sale in Sardinia or reserve a copy of the next edition at a substantially reduced price.

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Sardinia Bibliographic Services