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A third approach to history

A third approach to history - Francesco Cesare Casula, Logus Mondi Interattivi (2013)

Author/s Francesco Cesare Casula
Publisher Logus Mondi Interattivi
Edition Ussana, January 2013
Pages 221
Series Storia dell´Italia e della Sardegna, n° 6
Genre Non-fiction
Format Ebook 
Price € 4,99
Release language English

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The work

The narration of humankind´s past, that is to say its history, has up to now been done using the extrinsic method of geographic territorial reference and temporal chronological and local topical reference, sometimes together, sometimes separately, almost to form a single expression or two different expressions: two approaches in which to insert the list (quantitative or selective or explicative or annotated) of human events. And it is to this that I address myself at first, before going on to examine the possibility of using a third approach to history, with the choice of intrinsic historical values to highlight.

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  The work