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Sardinia Bibliographic Services

Sardinia Bibliographic Services
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Illustrated guide to Sardinia

Illustrated guide to Sardinia - Giulio Concu, Imago Edizioni (2019)

A guide of easy and agile consultation, which through pratical itinararies and numerous images leads the visitor to the discpvery of the authentic Sardinia: the main urban centres, monuments, areas of naturalistic interest, the peculiarities of traditions and of gastronomy.

Author/s Giulio Concu
Translator/s Concu Giulio
Illustrator/s Concu Giulio
et al.
Publisher Imago Edizioni
Edition Nuoro, January 2019
Pages 192 (illustrated)
Series Guide turistiche illustrate
Genre Guides
Format Paper 
Price € 15,00
Release language English
Original language Italian

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Sardinia Bibliographic Services
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