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Sardinia Bibliographic Services

Sardinia Bibliographic Services
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Guide to archaeological sites in Sardinia

Guide to archaeological sites in Sardinia - Giulio Concu, Imago Edizioni (2010)

Notizie dettagliate di 100 siti archeologici dal Neolitico all´Età Romana. Dieci facili e stuzzicanti itinerari suddivisi in zone geografiche, mappa cronologica e storica della Sardegna; glossario dei termini; lista dei musei archeologici e cartina generale dei siti descritti.

Author/s Giulio Concu
Translator/s Giulio Concu
Illustrator/s Alessandro Contu
et al.
Publisher Imago Edizioni
Edition Nuoro, April 2010
Pages 128 (illustrated)
Series Guide Illustrate
Genre Guides
Format Paper 
Price € 9,90
Introduction Giulio Concu
Release language English
Original language Italian

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The work

Neolithic Necropoles, alignments of Menhirs, 7000 Nuraghi, Megaron Temples, Sacred Wells, Giants´ Tombs. The millenary history of Sardinia expresses the essence of a land that has always been a crossroad of peoples and cultures at the centre of the Mediterranean sea. Who dare travelling beyond historical and cultural prejudices will feel a vibration arising from an archaic energy that still keeps together sites and places in a land of stone. Then and there the thousands of monuments will take you travelling through time. Inevitably questions will arise as: who were the peoples of Big Stones? Was the Sardinian megalithism linked to the Celtic and Breton ones? Were Nuraghi fortresses, temples or astronomy observatories? Who were those mysterious Giants? Where did Shardana people come from? Was Sardinia the Atlantis of Plato? A journey that is almost like ´catching the bull´. Maybe someone will find it, strolling among stones and pasturelands or under the layers of earth that the chaos of time has settled on this generous island. - THE GUIDE CONTAINS: a Chart of Archaeological Periods, 10 itineraries through the different areas of Sardinia, with a description of site´s features, directions on how to get there, and site accessibility; a glossary to understand the archaeology of Sardinia; a list of archaeological museums; a geographical map of Sardinia.

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Sardinia Bibliographic Services
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