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Iskìda of the Land of Nurak

first season: The amulet of sleep - book one: Clan child
Iskìda of the Land of Nurak - Andrea Atzori, Condaghes (2016)

Author/s Andrea Atzori
Translator/s Paolo Russo
Illustrator/s Daniela Orrù
Daniela Serri
Publisher Condaghes
Edition Cagliari, February 2016
Pages 144 (illustrated)
Series Il Trenino Verde / serie fantasy
Genre Children
Format Paper 
Price € 10,00
Release language English
Original language Italian

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The work

Iskìda is a young heroine in a ´prehistoric´ world of war and magic, inspired by Sardinian and Mediterranean folklore. She is a sorceress, wild and independent, brave and pure-hearted. She is a Dream Walker, a special kind of witch who – through dreams – must explore different worlds in order to save the threatened one in which she lives: Nurak, an ancient land of Gods and Giants.
Beautifully illustrated by Dany&Dany, this is an action-packed fantasy adventure in a wholly-realised world of magic, clans and powerful dreams.
´Clan Child´ is Book One of the three which make up the First Season ´The Amulet of Sleep´ of the fantasy saga "Iskìda of the Land of Nurak".

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