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At the court of the Aga Khan

memories of the Costa Smeralda - interview by Mabi Satta
At the court of the Aga Khan - Paolo Riccardi, Carlo Delfino editore & C. (2014)

This book is the chronicle of a great undertaking, and a visionary madness that changed the face of tourism across half of the world.

Author/s Paolo Riccardi
Translator/s Patricia Robinson
Publisher Carlo Delfino editore & C.
Edition Sassari, July 2014
Pages 224 (illustrated)
Genre Other
Format Paper 
Price € 25,00
Release language English

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The work

The essays gathered in this volume are the revision of a significant part of the paper presented to the ICHRPI 59th Conference, which took place in Alghero on July 2008. They cover a very wide temporal and spatial range: they describe events that refer to different ages, from Medieval to contemporary ones, and different contexts mainly limited to European countries. Neverthless they are ascribable to three themes: 1) sources and methodologies for the study of parliamentary history; 2) political cultures which influenced the evolution of representative assemblies; 3) the centrl role of the representative institutions in the definition of territorial identities and autonomies.

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Sardinia Bibliographic Services
  The work