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Sardinia Bibliographic Services

Sardinia Bibliographic Services
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Readers of Sardinia

SBS Community
The objective of the SBS system is to ensure that all those involved in the world of books in Sardinia are kept as fully informed as possible.

We feel that each user has specific - perhaps even unique - requirements. The SBS Readers of Sardinia 'community' was created for the following purpose: to answer users' queries in the most personalised way possible.
Once you have signed up, you will receive the latest information from the publishing world, along with news and event information - as soon as they are added to the system, and all filtered to meet your requirements.
Signing up to the community, which is free-of-charge for everyone, requires the entry of data on two levels in order to ensure privacy is respected and, at the same time, to provide a very detailed profile of the user.

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Sardinia Bibliographic Services