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Sardinia Bibliographic Services

Sardinia Bibliographic Services
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The advantages reserved for SBS subscribers
Do you represent a bookseller, a newsagent, a school, a publisher, a book distributor, a library or an association? The services that SBSpro reserves for professional users are exactly what you have been after.

SBS professional users have access to a series of special promotional services, including:
information on upcoming books and publishing news complete with promotional information, a personalised service from our personnel, discounts on promotional activities requested directly, the home delivery of the bimonthly 'Libri Sardegna' magazine and the possibility to order, at a discounted price, the annual catalogue of Sardinian books on sale.


In addition to benefiting from additional promotional services, professional users can access the data currently held in the SBS archive via the sections of the site, the links shown and a special advanced search mask.
The systematic nature of the information in the archive allows not only for a complete description of the book in question but also for the generation of the bibliographic profile and the identification of the distributor and/or publisher.
Services SBS SBSpro
Title details Lite Advanced
Titles search Lite Advanced
Next releases   X
Author details X X
Publishers details   X
Distributors details   X
Visibility in the list of SBS-associated booksellers   X
Place orders online with the publisher/distributor   X
"Libri Sardegna" bimonthly magazine   X
Newsletter   X
Discounts and promotions   X

informazione It is possible to become a professional user only if you meet the criteria and once you have paid the annual subscription to the service.
The annual subscription costs 150,00 € (including VAT).
Payment can be made via credit transfer and postal current account.

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The additional services are reserved for a professional user base (e.g. booksellers, newsagents, schools, publishers, distributors, libraries, associations and schools).

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Sardinia Bibliographic Services