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Iskìda of the Land of Nurak – Illustrations and Making-of

Iskìda of the Land of Nurak – Illustrations and Making-of - Andrea Atzori, Daniela Serri, Daniela Orrù, Condaghes (2019)

The complete illustrations of the trilogy

This publication collects all the figures and making-of of the three seasons of the saga Iskìda of the Land of Nurak (Iskìda della Terra di Nurak).


Author/s Andrea Atzori
Daniela Serri
Daniela Orrù
Publisher Condaghes
Edition Cagliari, March 2019
Pages - (illustrated)
Series Kìndhalos
Genre Children
Format Ebook 
Price € 1,99
Release language English

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The work

The ebook contains over 130 pictures:
- 30 full-page tables of the First Season "The Sleep Amulet";
- 17 tables of the Second Season "Dream Walker";
- 18 tables of the Third Season "Akasha´s Song";
- 40 main and secondary character studies;
- 30 making-of tables, characters and covers;
- map of Nurak with the runes and the clans; - descriptions of the trilogy and the biographies of the Author and the Artists.
The illustrations are subtitled with phrases taken from text that originally inspired the drawings.



All the drawings are in black and white with the exception of the covers of the three volumes.

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  The work